2013 (in production)


Karl Dreher is a German undergraduate who hopes to work in the German automotive industry. He comes to the English Riviera to improve his English and is lodged with the Robinson family. Each one of them seems to be lacking something in their life and they hope that Karl can fill that gap. The story takes place over his first night with The Robinsons and is made up of a series of vignettes, which explore our obsessions with sex, alcohol and football. It is a dark comedy tinged with elements of the surreal.


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Dog Collar Criminal is based on the true story of a Paignton vicar who, in the 1970s, started out on a crime spree, which ended up with him robbing a bank in Plymouth. He was aided and abetted by his trusty housekeeper.

Tom Austin won a £3,000 bursary to put history back on the big screen. He said: “I discovered the story about 18 months ago in the Bygones section of the Herald Express (local newspaper) and thought I had to make a film of this extraordinary story. Rev Stephen Care lived a double life, preaching to his flock on Sundays but carrying out a two-year crime spree on other days.

In his most audacious crime, he walked into a bank in Southway, Plymouth, in the summer of 1975 with a pretend bomb and threatened to blow everyone up unless they gave him ‘the money’. Disguised with a false moustache, the Rev Care opened the suitcase he was carrying and revealed a battery and wires connected to tubes wrapped in brown paper, with a red flashing light on top. The pretend bomb even made a ticking noise. Almost £2,000 was hurriedly handed over by terrified staff.

His accomplice that day was none other than his frail and deaf housekeeper from Paignton, 58-year-old Stella Bunting, who had been charmed into taking part in the Rev Care’s escapade. During the subsequent investigation, police dubbed them Biddy and Clyde.

A surreal comedy docu-drama looking at the life and work of Spanish painter and film-maker Salvador Dali. Set in a boxing gym, it tells in a theatrical way, how his odd family (including his dead brother) helped shape the young man into becoming arguably the twentieth century’s greatest painter. With reverential references to his and Bunuel’s groundbreaking film ‘Un Chien Andalou’, and his collaboration with Hitchcock on ‘Spellbound’, its aim is to remind us how much Dali has influenced the way we look at this weird world we live in.



Young loner, Frank Scarfe, 22, is stuck in the past, due to traumatic events that happened to him 10 years previously. The death of a former guide-leader triggers off a series of events that help him bury the past and get on with his life.