The Haphazard Organization

The Haphazard Organization was formed in 2007 by myself, Tom Austin, as a conduit for my artistic endeavours. I’m a teacher and journalist, poet, writer and filmmaker. THO, which is based in south Devon, has made three short films since then and is about to embark on the fourth.

Haphazard Organization is an oxymoron, which comes from the Greek, meaning ‘sharp dull’ and is a figure of speech that combines contradictory terms to create something new. I believe that too much planning can sometimes prevent genuine creativity from taking place, so it is important to allow for improvisation.

As with yin and yang, these forces complement each other rather than oppose: without light, there is no shade. They therefore depend on each other to exist in harmony. For me, it reflects the ebb and flow of life. You have to be ready to adapt to change at all times. We should all aim to be haphazardly organized.

Life is a tragi-comic rollercoaster, to paraphrase Professor Ronan Keating.
We have to laugh, cry and learn from whatever it throws at us.

Act naturally/ same difference/ resident alien/ definitely maybe/ pretty ugly. Nice! Oxymorons make you think. They should raise a smile, some are quite ridiculous. I suggest taking one daily, preferably with a glass (half-full) of something. Once you open your mind up to the oxymoronic, there is no telling where you might end up.